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Designer Know Thyself

ID Studios is a BIG believer in having fun and being social. Our mission was simple: Design a space to promote the balance and cross-over between work and personal life. It was also clear that we were designing for a highly talented and creative group and gaining consensus from our designers was a breeze… it needed to be OPEN, FLEXIBLE, AND HEALTHY.

To support the mission, our goals were to maximize openness and create a casual work/entertainment space that fosters teamwork, interactive design charrettes, and client connection. The heart of the space is a multi-function café space that acts as an informal presentation area/casual meeting space, bar, and entertainment island. Other flexibles include a large conference room with a roll-up garage door, opening to a collaboration area for all-hands meetings and large client presentations.

Maximizing the “open-ness” was also a key factor in promoting the feeling of togetherness and collaboration. Every space that needed to be enclosed was tucked under the mezzanine, leaving the majority of workspace open to structure. The design strategy was to preserve the raw aesthetic of exposed structural steel beams, raw concrete and exposed ceilings. A decidedly neutral palette with bright white reflective surfaces was introduced as the perfect canvas for studying multiple color pallets for our projects.

The building itself had “healthy bones” complete with high volume ceilings, garage doors at the front of the office which open directly to the outside, and operable skylights for natural ventilation. To further promote health and wellness, sit-stand desks were incorporated at every work area.

The result is an environment that supports our mission to be innovative every day and deliver extraordinary design solutions for our clients.