Workplace Design for CoreLogic: Break Area Overview

Workplace Design Specialists

At ID Studios, we specialize in workplace design.We believe that forward-thinking design strategies have the power to transform the way in which people work, learn and communicate with one another. At the heart of our services is our passion for crafting creative solutions that respond to our clients’ individualized needs and visions.

Workplace collaboration and discovery happens everywhere…in a lab, the office, a classroom, the cafeteria, an outdoor workspace or on a stroll to the coffee machine. We weave innovations in design and technology into the complex and unique fabric of each of our clients’ projects. Flexibility and sustainability move the needle even further toward creating spaces that remain workable and relevant far into the future.

In every project, we combine this knowledge with our 30+ years of experience working with the owners, facility experts and end users of corporate, education, government and institutional work places.

Photo © Joel Zwink