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  1. Flexibility is Crucial in New Workspaces (part 2 of 2)

    Deborah Elliott, Principal at ID Studios

    Deborah Elliott, Principal at ID Studios

    SAN DIEGO—Flexibility is the keyword in office space design, whether you’re a traditional user or more “creative,” Deborah Elliott, principal with ID Studios Inc., the interior-design and strategic-planning firm that worked on Moss Adams LLP’s recent space transformation at La Jolla Commons, tells In Part 1 of this story, we spoke exclusively with Carisa Wiesniewski, partner-in-charge with Moss Adams, about what the transformation did for her firm; for Part 2, we spoke exclusively with Elliott about trends she is seeing in office design for more-traditional users.

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  2. What Traditional Users Gain From Creative (part 1 of 2)

    SAN DIEGO—Moss Adams LLP’s recent La Jolla Commons space transformation has helped the firm build out a space in which workers like to be and in which they are most effective, partner-in-charge Carisa Wisniewski tells In Part 1 of a two-part story, we spoke exclusively with Wisniewski about how this type of transformation works for more-traditional users. In Part 2, we speak exclusively with Deborah Elliott, principal with ID Studios Inc., which did the interior-design work on the space.

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  3. ID Studios at the Calibre Awards

    17337441106_c0e0628d32The Calibre Awards, put on annually by the IIDA SoCal Chapter, recognizes and honors the excellent work of project teams that have exceeded the expectations of our profession to bring interior design to life. The Calibre Awards honor the true meaning of collaboration for projects that exhibit a high level of teamwork and stunning design.

    This year we selected Arrowhead General Insurance Agency as the project that most closely fit the high standards of the award committee. The nominated team included the general contractor, Dempsey Construction, furniture solution specialist BKM Officeworks and the client, Arrowhead.

    Thank you to the ladies in our office who represented ID Studios (Left to right: Jennie, Jill, Mary, Megan and Maegen. Not pictured: Lori and Annie) and of course to the project teams for having a hand in creating such great projects!